Glen had his first exposure to formal art classes in his third year of college.  This was to change his whole life direction. That first class hooked him on art and he set up a pottery within the next year.  He spent the next few years establishing the pottery and continuing to take classes. After earning his art degree in 1978 from Western Michigan University, Glen sold his work through his own studio as well as the art fair circuit and various galleries.  He moved the studio to his home and continued to develop his own work through 1984.

With the responsibility of a growing family, he and his family moved to Wisconsin.  Glen took employment with Rowe Pottery Works in Cambridge, WI, honing his skills as a production potter.  For the next six years, he was throwing 20,000 to 25,000 pots per year.  In 1990 Glen started to do some of the development work for the pottery and in 1992 was asked to be the head of product development for Rowe Pottery Works.  Since that time he has designed, thrown, turned and sculpted the prototypes as well as made the master dies, molds and production masters for the pottery.  This has allowed Glen to refine his pottery skills and to master all forms of pottery production.

In 2005, with his last child a high school senior, Glen and his wife, Marlene, gave serious thought to once again establishing a studio for personal work.   The ensuing years have been an exciting, creative time for him.  Starting with a design line for vases, he continued to refine his unique studio ware.  Over the last few years he has been making a number of plates, platters and bowls on which he is drawing and glazing in a multitude of colors.  A series of spheres that he had been pit-firing,  transformed into a series of coarsely glazed spheres that can hold water and set off arrangements of flowers beautifully .  Glen’s work continues to be functional as well as decorative and works well as serving pieces  for those special occasions  Although varied, all of his work comes from a very organic and natural core.

He is enjoying creating and sharing his personal work with the public after a 22-year hiatus.